Fring and by extension Skype has made it to the iPhone.

The implications are more than intriguing, and the possibility of the application being yanked are likely, but it’s a step in the right direction. Working from home as a freelancer means that I’m in Wifi range 98% of my time. A Skype dialer means that I pretty much shave my daytime usage, and subsequently bill, in half. It’s a thing of beauty in principle.

But the reality of the situation is that Fring isn’t exactly working as advertised. It seems to use skypeout about 10% of the time. By use I mean actually connect my call instead of dropping it before it even dials out. Is this another case of premature “beta” delivery? The rest of the features are solid, but the one we’ve all been waiting for clearly needs some more work.

I’d also recommend getting that application before it gets yanked. Just in case it goes the same route as NetShare.

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