Focus 2 Pro Is A Powerful Way For Amateur Photographers To Edit

Photography is great, but beyond knowing how to use your camera well, a photographer also needs to know the ins-and-outs of at least one photo editing software to touch-up photos. However, most mainstream professional photo editing applications like Adobe’s Lightroom and Apple’s Aperture are difficult for amateur photographers to use, making it tough for would-be photographers to jump into the art.


Luckily, MacPhun Software has seemingly fixed this issue with Focus 2 Pro for Mac. This RAW-compatible image editing software is easy to use, but still powerful enough for advanced home and semi-professional photographers. The program offers different editing modes for different types of photography including: portrait, nature, architecture, macro, tilt-shift, as well as a custom mode. Within these modes, Focus 2 Pro gives you blur, motion, and focusing options customized for the type of photography you find yourself editing. Additionally, in the custom setting, you can selectively edit parts of a photo using a brush, making it easy to make a portion of a photograph brighter, while keeping the rest stock.

Focus 2 Pro also allows users to order image prints directly within the app, giving home photographers one-click access to high-quality postcards, gallery prints, and other printed goods. This guarantees that next year’s Christmas card will be awesome, even if it’s just you and your cat.

You can purchase Focus 2 Pro for $39.99 directly from the developer.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.