Flickery gives you flickr on the desktop

If you’re the type of person who likes using Flickr, but hates having to load a website every time you want to look through pictures, Flickery might be the application you need. Outside of letting you comment on group discussions, it does everything you need, from the luxury of your desktop.

You can browse your friends photos, you can comment on the photos, you can have a full screen slideshow, you can see action in your groups, and you can even see all the “explore” photos. Heck, they even give you the ability to import photos directly to iPhoto.

It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. It takes something like Flickr uploader and bring it all to the next level. It does allow you to upload directly to flicker as well, but couple things it’s lacking, that I wish they’d add, is the ability to get your inbox messages, as well as let you participate in group conversations. That would put the application over the top for me.

If you’re a photo junkie, you need to check this application out!

Photo Credit: m-c

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