The Five Stages Of Reading An iPhone 5C, 5S Rumor

It’s that time of year again. Between now and September 10th we’re going to be hearing (not here) nonstop about leaks and rumors. If you enjoy them, that’s great. If you don’t, you can probably commiserate how I’ve been feeling this week reading about iPhone 5S parts.

Anyway, here you go, the Five Stages Of Reading An iPhone 5C, or 5S, Rumor.

1. Excitement: Also Known As This New Thing Is Gonna Be Sweet


2. Confusion: Wait, What’s This?


3. Realization: It’s A Counterfeit Part From China?


4. Nerd Rage: Are You Kidding Me?


 5. Depression: We Get To Do This Again Tomorrow…


Photo Credit: Jeff Weston (cc)

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