Fission Is An Easy To Use Audio Editor For The Mac

For a long time my main editing app was Audacity. I’ve been looking for something simpler for awhile. I mostly use this just to edit records I convert to ALAC files. Audio Hijack) was pretty easy to use for recording, but if you made a mistake you didn’t have any fine grain editing tools to cut the file down. Fission is also from Rouge Amoeba, and this is everything I want in an audio editor.

It’s pretty simple to pick up and use, and you can easily export into a bunch of different formats. You can also add fade in and fade out, making this the perfect compliment to Audio Hijack. After you have your set of recordings, you can do your quick edits before exporting out of Audio Hijack. If you prefer one large recording, you can use Fission to set up AAC with chapters. You can also batch convert files into multiple formats. I really appreciate the number of lossless formats available in the app.

What’s Good?: Easy to split up a recording into multiple files, great metadata editing. Lots of lossless format options.

What Sucks?: If you’re looking for an integrated recording and editing options, does require two apps.

Buy It?: If you’re looking for an easy to use audio editor, check out Fission. Get it from the Mac App Store for $29.99.

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