Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 — Lipstick on a Pig

ConceivablyTech is reporting that Mozilla has dropped the first “beta” of Firefox 4.0 as a nightly build. This is the first version that has the new bells and whistles. That said, the new UI isn’t much of a consolation prize from the lackluster Gecko rendering engine. There is a chart that shows that the latest Firefox beta takes well over double the time to render JavaScript than the latest build of Chromium.

The Firefox 4.0 beta still doesn’t pass the Acid3 test, and it scores well below the WebKit browsers in the HTML5 Test. While these may not be realistic tests for how well the browser works, it is an objective demonstration that shows that Gecko is considerably weaker in terms of web standards support than either of the two popular versions of WebKit.

I’ve been off of the Mozilla bandwagon for a while now, and the extension feature of Chrome and Safari have really done away with the last reason why people were hanging onto Firefox. Mozilla has served their purpose, but they just can’t keep up with the WebKit developers.

Article Via Slashdot

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