Finally! Flickr (Reviewed)

Finally! Flickr has released their native iphone app. Took long enough, but it’s here and it’s good. Not only do the team at Yahoo know how to make good iPhone apps, they make them look good too. Pretty much all the functionality you would expect on the Flickr website is in the iPhone app. The only thing missing is multiple file upload, but that ain’t so bad.

So the first step is the authorization to allow the Flickr native app to use your Flickr login (Yahoo ID). This part is a bit wonky as it prompts you that it will open Safari and then you proceed to the crap-tastic login page. Don’t worry you should only have to do this once and forget about it. (Unless you have multiple flickr accounts, which would be problematic.)

Then you get into the real meat and potatoes of the app, and I can honestly say that I prefer using this to the actual Flickr site. It’s so easy to use and intuitive.


  • browse/search/star/comment/email yours or other contact’s photos
  • tag your photos
  • set privacy levels
  • upload photos from your iPhone

I guess you only need the Flickr site to do bulk uploads of non-iPhone photos, but once they are on your account you can browse them and brag to people about your cool Flickr sets or go wild with tagging in your spare mobile time.

A very cool touch to the app is when you start it up (after login is setup) it will slideshow your contacts photos in random order, with a “by friend” tag at the bottom.

Overall, Yahoo has done a great job on the first version of the Flickr iPhone app and looking forward to more enhancements in the future.

Can be had for a mere, $0.00 in iTunes.

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