Falling Balls, and a good time with the iPhone

The title of this iPhone game, Falling Balls, sounds like the subject matter for a “that’s what she said” joke, but I have to say up front, this game has nothing to do with testicles and everything to do with giant gravity defying balls (editorial insert — that’s what she said!).  No really, the game has balls of different sizes dropping from space and trying to squash your little excuse of a man.  Seriously, you’re a puny stick figure running around trying to avoid being hit by balls.

On a more serious note, the game is the most simple design for a game since line rider, and I have to admit… It’s just as fun.  Both if you’re into balls, and if you’re not into balls.

For those keeping count I said balls 6 times.

Check out the devs site Wickedpissagames