Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Tumblr And Other Apps Unveiled For Google Glass At Google I/O

Google has announced a number of new apps for Google Glass, joining the currently incredibly short list of Path and The New York Times. Google says that apps for Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Tumblr, Evernote and Elle will all be available for Glass users starting today.

With the Facebook app, Glass users will now be able to upload photos they take directly to Facebook, rather than the current default Google+.

The Twitter app will allow users to select certain people that they want to receive tweets pop-up from, as well as letting users transcribe their own tweets with voice.

With Evernote, users will be able to create notes from their desktops using Evernote and then save them to be viewed on Google Glass later. An example would be creating your shopping list online, then having it in front of your eyes at the grocery store thanks to Glass.

The CNN app will let you pick what type of news updates you want to see, such as technology or politics, and it will then send them to you at a specified time of day. Users will then be able to read or hear a summary of the story, as well as watch an associated video clip.

The Tumblr app simply allows you to view a person’s Tumblr feed.

The Elle app will give you extensive options for reading the magazine, such as letting you choose your preferred section of the magazine, letting you swipe through photos from a story, reading stories to you aloud, letting you save a story for later or share it with a friend etc… There will also be a dedicated team at Elle making edited down Glass versions of posts for quick consumption.

Another app talked about is called “Ice Breaker” which encourages you to go up to other Glass wearers in real life and take pictures with them to earn points. You then also rate the conversation you had with the person. It’s an interesting and entirely creepy sounding idea.

It’s good to finally hear about some new apps, since they will surely end up deciding whether Glass succeeds or not.

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