Fabrix: Three Limited Edition Sleeves.

    Fabrix Releases Three Limited Edition Graphic iPhone Sleeves!

    October 9, 2008 Fabrix introduced the first series of 3 limited edition graphic sleeves. These 3 sleeves are LOUD! and and pure eye candy. Fabrix has teamed up with various designers with their own unique style and art technique to bring you these graphic intensive sleeves. These sleeves aim to bring the best of contemporary art right to your iPhone/iPod. Bringing you not only style to your iPhone/iPod, but also protection from bumps, knocks and scratches.

    These limited edition Fabrix sleeves can be found at www.fabrixcases.com. They come in the various sizes to fit the latest iPhone 3g and prices for these sleeves are USD $29.90 each. Also while you are there, check out their entire line of products.

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