Expand the span of your EyeTV

    First, if you don’t know what EyeTV is, it is a hardware device that you connect to your Mac to turn it into a TV Tuner/DVR. Most of them (if not all) plug in VIA USB and then you plug in your coaxial cable from your cable or satellite. For many people, this has been an addition to their Macs for obvious reasons. But if you have a Mac Mini hooked up to your TV, this can replace your cable box. However, there has always been a downside. EyeTV only works on the Mac that you have it on. So no streaming. That is, until the introduction of CyTV. CyTV allows you to set up your local network to share your EyeTV! The host is, of course, your Mac that has the EyeTV hooked up to it. By installing this software on all your Macs, you can enable your other computers to be clients to your host server. This means you have the ability to watch TV on any of your Macs whereever you are in your house, and also playback your recorded shows.

    CyTV is under the GNU license, But if you like the software, donations are always welcome. If you have an EyeTV device, I encourage you to give this software a go and let us know what you think about it, and give the developer your feedback as well.

    More info:

    CyTV Website

    Elgato (Maker of EyeTV)

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