Elvis Costello thinks his box set costs too much

If Elvis Costello’s new box set, “The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook” (due out on Dec 6th), seems way overpriced to you, join the club; Elvis Costello thinks so as well. And he’s got some strong opinions about why you shouldn’t buy it.

It may seem weird for an artist to downplay or criticize his own meal ticket, but a few days ago the iconic singer/songwriter posted a few opinions on his blog about the release. Plainly said:

Unfortunately, we at www.elviscostello.com find ourselves unable to recommend this lovely item to you as the price appears to be either a misprint or a satire.

Costello goes on to explain how he struggled to have the price of the boxed set (which clocks in at over $200) reduced but got nowhere. Instead, he suggests you spend your money on “Ambassador Of Jazz,” a new collection of ten remastered albums by Louis Armstrong (which he says will sell for about $150). He assures the reader that “Frankly, the music is vastly superior.”

Perhaps most damning is Costello’s suggestion to those who want “The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook” (which he calls an “elaborate hoax”) to wait until after Christmas:

…those items will be available separately at a more affordable price in the New Year, assuming that you have not already obtained them by more unconventional means.

Costello rose to fame in the 80’s with Elvis Costello and the Attractions and has been working steadily ever since. His most recent work is much more lyrical than rock-and-rollish and focuses on big band compositions and, not long ago, a tribute album to Burt Bacharach.

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