Dropbox, For the iPhone

    Here at Macgasm, we swear by Dropbox. It could possibly be one of my most used utilities for the site. It is how I get my screencast to the bossman to get up to everywhere we need it. Normally, Dropbox is a desktop utility, but finally today, we get the Dropbox iPhone app. The app was actually submitted to the app store quite awhile ago. For those that are unfamiliar with Dropbox, here is a quick rundown.

    Dropbox is your cloud file storage that stays synced on all your computers. They have a free version which provides you with 2GB of storage. Pro 50 plan gives you 50GB of storage for $9.99 a year month and Pro 100 gives you 100GB for $19.99 a year month. Dropbox works with Mac, Windows, and Linux, and your files are also accessible through their website. You can store any kind of file you want and even put files in a public folder to share the link to the page with anyone you choose. Here at Macgasm from my account I have a macgasm folder that I share access with so when I upload a file, Josh gets an email and can do all the dirty work. It works great for that. But even better, you can eliminate carrying around those flash drives. Just use Dropbox and you are taken care of.

    On the iPhone app you can view files, share files via email, mark favorites and upload video and pictures! When you mark a file as a favorite, it downloads its contents to your iPhone so you always have access to it. Great for when you might have slow service or no service. As for uploading video and photos, the biggest use I see for this is when you are at the Apple store getting ready to see a genius about your iPhone. Let’s face it, we don’t know if we are getting it back and if you just took pictures or video beforehand, you may lose it all. So that will work as a great backup option on the go! And did I mention the iPhone app is free? So go download dropbox<itunes link> for the iPhone now, you can sign up for an account within the app.

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