DropBook for Mac: An elegant, lightning-fast way to update Facebook

DropBook for Mac ($2.99) by i-novation is an application that makes adding things to Facebook simple and fast. The application adds a transparent icon to your desktop where you drag and drop pictures, websites, and selected text for uploading to Facebook. In addition, you can update your status and let your friends know what you’re listening to in iTunes without ever leaving your desktop.

Setup is easy. After you download the app from the Mac App Store, simply double click on the icon in your dock and allow the app to connect with your Facebook account. A transparent icon appears on your desktop as well as a menubar icon that can be used to configure the app and update iTunes. That’s it. You’re ready to upload things to your Facebook page.

To update your status, double-click on the DropBook icon on your desktop and start typing. Tap “send” to update. If you prefer, you can configure DropBook to update using the enter key. How simple is that?To add a photograph, drag a picture (or multiple pictures) to the desktop icon from iPhoto, Aperture, Finder, or your desktop. The DropBook window opens and you can type a comment before sending the picture(s) to Facebook. You can also click on the drop down menu (where it says “default”) and choose to create a new album or add the picture to an album you’ve already created. If you click the menubar icon, you can select “capture from cam” to send an iSight pic straight to your account.

To add a link, drag the URL from your web browser to the DropBook icon. A window opens with the link at the bottom and space for you to add your comments. Click “send” and it’s on Facebook. To add text, simply select some text and drag it to the icon. You don’t even have to use command-C!

If you want to update Facebook with whatever you’re currently listening to on iTunes, click on the menubar icon, select “iTunes,” and choose “post current track” or “post current album.” DropBook sends the update complete with little notes surrounding the song or album–a nice touch.

Whenever you post something using DropBook, it will notify you via Growl that your post has been successful. Your posts appear on Facebook immediately, with links, photos, and text available for viewing by your friends.

What’s Macgasmic: DropBook is one of those applications that does one thing and does it exceedingly well. No more manual uploading of pictures to Facebook—just drag, drop, and send. Sharing web pages is as simple as dragging the URL to the DropBook icon and adding a comment, if you wish. You can add screenshots, iSight pictures, text, and photographs without going through Facebook to do it. The desktop icon is unobtrusive and you can configure where it appears. The app is reasonably priced and operates flawlessly.

What’s Not: Some people might not like the desktop icon, preferring to keep their desktops completely free from clutter. So, it would be nice to have the option to operate DropBook using the menubar icon as the drag-and-drop target (like Shovebox).

Summary: DropBook is a no-brainer for anyone who uses Facebook. Go buy it. Now. The minute you download it, you’ll discover why this application just makes sense. The only downside is that, since DropBook makes adding things to Facebook so easy, you might start annoying your friends and family with constant updates. So, exercise restraint—if you can.

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