Droffett: Steam roll your folders

As a kid I was a bit of a punk, I’d get kicks out of doing random things to public computers. Hindsight allows me to see this experience as a beneficial way for me to learn the inner workings of PC’s and software systems at the time, but in all reality I’m sure no one really appreciated me creating hundreds of files on a desktop, with hundreds of other files inside those all to get to some “secret” document that I only wanted a few people to see. My friends would use a “key card” to find the files that I left behind for them (Thank God spotlight was not around back then!). Droffett seems like a pretty good way to get things back in order and restore a folder structure so that all the files inside it are in a parent directory.

For the most part Droffett is a “Drop application which “flattens” a folder, i.e. moves all files which are descendants of it so that they are directly inside it”. It’s not overly complicated, and it works much the same way as AppZapper does, but instead of deleting files for an application it reorganizes the files with in the proper folder you drop onto the application. It works really, really well… so well infact that I just screwed myself over. Do NOT, and I repeat DO NOT use this on a website backup folder. Every single file in every single sub directory is now in the root directory… what the hell was I thinking? Well, it looks like I can testify to the fact that this application does what it say it’ll do.

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