Dock Spaces: Extend your spaces

Spaces is one of the most used features within OS X 10.5, for me at least. I can keep all related groups of applications within each space. For instance, Programming, General use, Video Encoding, and System Maintenance.

This is easily done through the ‘Expose and Spaces’ section within System Preferences. I always thought it woud be cool to have a different Dock for each space. Well it can be achieved through the use of Dockspaces.

Dockspaces is a great concept. It basically extends the spaces idea and adds the ability to create custom docks. The interface is nice and allows you to create up to 10 custom docks. The notification of when you switch spaces and hence docks, can be integrated with growl if you would like. Otherwise, you can use the built in panel that will appear in the middle of the screen for a few seconds. So, if you are used to seeing growl notifications this may be a good way to go.

Within each Dock you can specify the height and width, just as you normally would with the regular dock. This can be especially useful if you only have a few items on the dock.

Here is what each of the four Docks that I had setup look like:

The function of the dock does not change at all. In other words, you will still see the open applications on each dock. So this functionality will not change.

Some downsides are that the Dock, and therefore the Dashboard, must be refreshed at every change of each space. Normally this would not be a big issue for me, however, I do use Harmonic to get lyrics for my songs. This is not activated until you activate the Dashboard. I do not want to have to keep refreshing the Dashboard at every space switch.

I would like to see Apple purchase this, and integrate the ability for DockSpaces to be used and also include the ability for removing the open applications from each dock, that are not assigned to that dock. so I would only see my programming applications when I’m within the programming space.

This is an application that you might want to give a try to see if it will fit in with your computing style.

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