Dish me some Bean!

When it comes to applications for the Mac, I just can’t get enough of them. But when they are applications that I might actually use, that makes it better.

Bean is one of those apps that I happen to use a lot. If you haven’t heard of Bean, It is a simply rich text editor. You may ask why you need this app. Heck our macs come with TextEdit, or you are already using Pages or even god forbid Microsoft Word. Oh the Horror. But sometimes you don’t need all the power that you get with Word or Pages, and I want a little more than TextEdit. Heck I have never used a text editor that comes with a computer. But bean offers simple text editing, with a bit of power. You can easily format your text, and ad graphics. It will even read Word files. I have to say, I find myself using this little free application at least twice a week. In fact I use it most the time when writing a post for Macgasm. I use bean for notes all the time.

Now I know you may want a bit more, so I am going to go ahead and suggest if you want more, but for the same price as free, then you should go to and download that. They just released version 3 and it runs natively on Intel Macs now. In fact, it only runs on intel macs. But before we had to run in in X11. Now there is no need, and it is absolutely free. This is a full office suite, so you get all the bells and whistles

So check out both these apps. Both free and worth it.

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