Deck HD Now Available For Jailbroken iPads

iOS development team, SBCoders, developed Deck, a popular iPhone and iPod touch jailbreak tweak, which features a number of application shortcuts, system toggles, and functional buttons to a ‘behind-the-scenes’ menu that is accessible from the side of the screen with an Activator action. Now, an iPad version of this tweak, called Deck HD, has been released on Cydia, bringing the same simple interface and useful shortcuts and toggles. Deck HD comes with all of the same general features — toggles, application shortcuts and the ability to add new ones.

Deck HD is optimized for the iPad so it opens and closes smoothly. The Activator switch can be anything, but it is recommended to choose swipe left on status bar because doing so will closely match the momentum of Deck HD as it opens on the side of the screen.

As it opens, everything else on the screen dims out of focus, aside from the Deck HD interface. It works on the home screen, within applications, and even on the lock screen.

Shortcuts and buttons can be customized in preferences once Deck HD is installed. This is great as users can select shortcuts for applications that are most useful.

Deck is $1.99 and is a separate purchase from Deck.

Source: SBCoders

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