SuperSpray, A New Age Plugin for Photoshop, Is Only $10.00

Looking to spruce up your text in Photoshop? There’s a whole host of plugins available that let you accomplish that goal, but none come remotely close to what SuperSpray can do for your compositions. This incredible Photoshop Plugin by Design Beagle lets you spray transparent PNG images anywhere on your canvas. You’re basically replacing the paint in your palette with images.

Just take a look at the image below. When was the last time you could do something like that with a Photoshop plugin? You build a “spray” pattern by selecting transparent PNGs from a library, then watch the magic happen.


What can SuperSpray do for you?

A Paintbrush of Images

With SuperSpray, you can spray transparent PNG images onto your canvas. Forget simply drawing with colors, now you can draw with images themselves!

True Word Art

Make your projects truly unique with SuperSpray. Take a basic letter or word and instead of just drawing it in black, spray it with photos of leaves or candy or whatever you’d like. The result is a beautiful and original work of art, sure to captivate your audience.

Complete Control

With SuperSpray, you’ll get pinpoint control of your actions. You’ll be able to spray objects exactly where you want them. No need to manually spray objects; instead just paint your spray area black and let SuperSpray take over!

Big Time Saver

Manually placing random images on your canvas takes up a lot of time. Let SuperSpray do the heavy work for you. Just a few clicks and your blank canvas is transformed into a gorgeous image-filled spray area.

Use Your Own Images

As long as they’re in a PNG format, you can use any image you’d like to spray. Just think of the possibilities! Sports teams. Food. Nature. Animals. Logos. The sky really is the limit (and you can even use the sky if you’d like!)

11 Built-In Objects

Besides using your own PNG images, SuperSpray comes with 11 sample objects in its library. Beautiful leaf and flower images are included with the application courtesy of

Customizable Settings

There are a ton of flexible options for you in SuperSpray. Set the number of objects to be sprayed, the minimum and maximum object sizes, random rotation, and more!

Preview Changes

Don’t worry about making mistakes. With just a click, you can view the final results of your efforts in a preview window.

Interested in the SuperSpray plugin? You can currently get it from MightyDeals for $10.00.