Deal: Up The Entertainment Factor On Your Mac With The Mac Media Mini Bundle


The Mac Media Mini Bundle contains 3 awesome Mac apps that will make using your Mac for entertainment a snap. Musictube is a YouTube music player. Add, store and play all of your favorite songs that can be found on YouTube. It makes listening to songs on YouTube super convenient. Then there’s Minitube, which turns YouTube Search into a TV channel. Just type in a keyword, and a customized YouTube channel will be created for you that continuously plays all of the content you were looking for. And finally there’s Musique, which will simplify your music experience. It’s a beautiful music app that provides an easy-to-use alternative to iTunes. It’s got a clean, innovative interface that focuses on letting you listen to music.

Normally these three apps would cost you $32, but for a limited time you can get them for only $14.99. You can grab the Mac Media Mini Bundle here.