Deal: Scan Documents Anywhere, Anytime With Doxie Go

Remember those giant, clunky scanners that took up so much desk space? Or are you the proud owner of a giant file cabinet that collects dust in the darkest corner of your house? Either way, it’s time bring yourself and your scanning habits up to date with the Doxie Go. This small, lightweight scanner is unobtrusive and yet it will quickly become indispensible to you. Use it to scan everything, from bills and receipts to recipes, notes, business cards and photos. Charge it up, turn it on, and get scanning – no computer required. Then sync the Doxie to your Mac or Pc and it’ll even help you organize your scans with just a click. If you want to send your documents to the cloud, Doxie works effortlessly with Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and more.

Normally the Doxie Go would cost you $199, but for a limited time you can save yourself $50 and grab it for just $149.That’s a small price to pay for the convenience that this little device offers.

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