Deal: Get xScope and Tons Of Other Developer and Designer Tools In This Bundle


The SuperStacked Mac Bundle contains over $3000 worth of tools that are essential if you’re a web developer or designer. There are top notch apps, templates and design elements available for a fraction of the price. Here’s what you get with this bundle:

  • xScope – Every designer and developer’s indispensable UI tool
  • ColorSchemer Studio 2 – A professional color matching application that’ll satisfy your inner designer
  • Painter Lite – Award-winning digital art software
  • CSS Hat – Turn photoshop layer styles to CSS3 instantly
  • skEdit – Design your own websites quickly and easily
  • Pixa – Quickly organize and manage all your image files
  • Fumy – Create abstract backgrounds, lighting texts and more with this brilliant app
  • Photoshop Design Templates – Expertly designed, time-saving assets for your collection
  • 15 iOS App Templates – Quickly turn your app ideas into reality with these premium templates
  • Hand-Crafted Design Elements and Vectors – Unique assets for your design arsenal
  • 500 Universal Web Icons – Streamline your next design project with these 500 pixel-perfect icons
  • The Growth Hacker Bundle – 13 subscriptions to supercharge your enterpreneurial spirit

Normally the contents of this bundle would cost you $3,004, but for a limited time you can get them for only $36. Grab it quick, though, because every day the price of this bundle is going to go up another dollar. You can get the SuperStacked Mac Bundle here.