Current MacBook Air supply evaporates, signals new model?

Stock of the MacBook Air is dwindling at third party resellers, according to AppleInsider, and Apple has indicated that supply will not be replenished until some time between October 12 and 16 at the earliest. Citing people familiar with the purchasing side of big box retailers, such delays in refilling stock is only common when Apple is introducing a new model.

Furthermore, AppleInsider reports that Apple Authorized Resellers such as, MacConnection, and J&R have indicated that they are completely out of stock of the lower end 1.83GHz model, and some are even out of stock of the higher end 2.13GHz model.

October is a popular month for Apple to introduce updates, having done so on three separate occasions with the new iMacs and and the unibody MacBook in 2009, new MacBooks in 2008, and new iPod, iMac and Powerbooks in 2005.

Rumours about the possible new MacBook Air have been floating around, including a much lighter construction, possibly made from carbon fiber, or a smaller screen, and a new lower power consumption processor. If it does get any smaller and lighter, look for more incidents like what happened to the journalist who lost his review unit (he thinks it might have gotten mixed in with the newspapers and taken out to recycling).

Article via AppleInsider

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