Stop Thieves In Their Tracks With The Anchor Plate

I often work out of coffee shops, but I sometimes worry that my MacBook will get stolen when I go up to grab another shot of espresso. Sure, I could ask the nearest MacBook-wielding patron to keep an eye on my computer, but who’s to say he or she won’t run off with it? I could also pick up my laptop and take it to the counter with me, but that’s annoying. Or I could use the Anchor Plate for MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro Retina Screw On Bracket3_750x557

The Anchor Plate is an aluminum bracket from Noble Locks that screws into the bottom of your MacBook Pro with Retina Display. This bracket has a built-in wire-lock and two keys, so you can lock your MacBook to the side of your chair when you leave to get more caffeine, leaving you worry free and not out of a $2000 laptop. The Anchor Plate’s makers does sell similar security hardware for non-retina MacBooks as well, but this particular model is Retina-only.

You can grab your Anchor Plate here for $60.

Feature Image Source: Holly Victoria Norval

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