The SlatePro TechDesk Is A Desk Built Specifically For Your Apple Gear

Alright Apple geeks, you know the drill. You spend all this cash on the best tech you can find, but by the time you get it home, unpacked, and placed on your desk you realize that your desk isn’t an ideal home for all these sleek new toys. The SlatePro TechDesk could change that, considering it’s  built for your favourite Apple products.

The desk, built out of bamboo, features a ton of docking holes for your products. A cable management system, as well as built in heat “protection” holes that help your MacBook keep cool while you’re beating the hell out of it by rendering your 4K video projects, are built right into the desk.


The project is currently up on Kickstarter looking for funding, and the SlatePro TechDesk is expected to sell for $698.00 USD. Not exactly cheap, but if you pledge $448.00 now you can walk away with one for a pretty steep discount.

So long desk, hello Apple desk.

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