Love The 80s? These PortaPro Headphones Are For You

If you want to show off your eighties style while rocking out, you need to check out the Koss PortaPro headphones. These headphones, originally introduced in 1984, have remained relatively unchanged since then in both sound and style. The headphones pound out about 15-25,000 Hz frequency response, giving them a wide range of clear sound.  They also have deep bass performance and a “rich” overall sound.

Maybe Apple should be in talks to buy Koss.

portaOn the design side of things, the PortaPros have a “Comfort Zone” setting on the side of the earpiece. Users can tweak this settings for a firmer or lighter fit on the skull, which is good for those of us with oddly shaped heads. Each earpiece can be adjusted independently for maximum comfort.


For those who like to jam out on-the-go, the PortaPro headphones are collapsable and include a carrying case, making them easy to stow in a bag.

You can purchase a set of PortaPro headphones here for $37.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.