The Plank Gives Your iPhone And Keys A Home By The Door

The folks at iLoveHandles have introduced the Plank: a small, wall-mounted wood plank that is meant to hold your daily necessities. The top of the Plank is a little bigger than the surface of an iPhone, making it perfect to hold your phone, wallet, sunglasses, or whatever else you need when you leave the house. Additionally, the bottom of the plank is magnetized, so you can hang your keys from the Plank.


When mounted to your bedside or near your front door using the included hardware, the Plank adds a little style to your home and also ensures you never head out in the morning without your phone, which is a seriously unfortunate event. Please do note that the plank does need to be screwed into your wall, so it may or may not piss off your landlord.

You can purchase your Plank here in a number of different colors for just under $23.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.