The MUJJO iPad Sleeve Is Seriously Beautiful

If you’re looking for a beautiful iPad sleeve, and don’t mind breaking the bank ($115.00), the MUJJO iPad sleeve is just what you need. The case is crafted from beautiful vegetable-tanned, waxed leather and offers enough cushion that your iPad won’t shatter when dropped.


On the inside, the MUJJO has a high-quality felt lining that keeps your iPad free from scratches. The case also has an integrated storage compartment, making it a great place to store your passport and international credit cards when you travel. You can even fit a Camera Connection Kit and SD cards into the pouch.

The MUJJO iPad sleeve works with all iPads and, when used with the iPad Air, can fit a Smart Cover. Purchase your sleeve here for $115.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.