Make Swipe-less Payments With The Stealth Case For iPhone 5

If you’ve received a new credit or debit card in the past year or so, chances are it has a built-in RFID chip. This chip can be used to make swipe-less transactions with supported credit card scanners. For instance, 7-11, the popular convince mart, accepts RFID payments.

Even though these cards may be convenient, it’s annoying to have to pull them out of your wallet, purse or bag when you want to make a payment. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just pull your iPhone out of your pocket, tap it against the credit card scanner, and be on your way? That’s where the Stealth Case by HEX fits into your plans.

The Stealth Case is a lightweight iPhone 5 case that features a hidden compartment. The compartment is just large enough to fit a standard sized credit card behind your iPhone. The case’s plastic construction is thin enough to allow for RFID signals to pass through it, letting you to make payments without taking your credit card out of the case.

The only downside to the Stealth Case is that in order to remove your credit card from the case, you must take your iPhone out of the case. And since most companies don’t accept swipe-less payments just yet, you’ll likely be pulling out your credit card quite frequently. Hopefully that changes with time.

Aside from the case’s credit card compartment, the Stealth Case also offers protection from damage due to scratching and minor drops. However, this protection is minimal due to the fact that the case only covers the back and sides of your phone. The front-end of your iPhone 5 is completely exposed and open to damage.

If you’d like to purchase a HEX Stealth Case for your iPhone, expect to drop $34.95 for the case on the Amazon Marketplace. You can purchase the Stealth Case in two colors: black and white.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.