The Cabin Aims To Bring A MagSafe-ish Connector To iPhone

Why is the iPhone and iPad living in the past? I’ve haven’t thought about it much until just now, but why doesn’t the iPhone have a MagSafe connector? Do you know how many times my phone has been sent flying across the room because of a child yanking on the charging cord? It’s more than I care to admit. That’s how many.

Cabin, a new Kickstarter campaign making the rounds today, is both a portable iPhone battery case that attaches to your phone, and a MagSafe-inspired, magnet based charger for your iPhone. The result is an “unobtrusive and simple recharging experience.”


There’s both a dock and adapter available for charing your iPhone. You can use the dock without having to take your case off, or if you’re out and about there’s an adapter that attaches to the Lightening cable for your iPhone. The  adapter also attaches magnetically, so you’re safe on that front too.

Cabin’s looking for $50,000 by the end of August. If you’re hoping to walk away with all of the goodies for the Cabin, you’ll have to pledge $49.00. There are cheaper pledge price points, but you’ll either receive a virtual high-five or a t-shirt for anything under the $49.00 package. As always, there’s no guarantee this Kickstarter campaign will reach its goal. This thing may never exist.

I’m not sure how I feel about adding yet another adapter, dock, battery case to my iPhone. It feels like there’s some new proprietary system released every week for the iPhone. It’s primarily the reason I use my phone naked 90 percent of the time.

Anyway, you can help fund this project here. It’s worth checking out.

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