Create color palettes from pictures with ColorSnap

I once attempted a living room redesign. It didn’t go well. Everything I bought was a different shade of red. It was annoying. Now nothing matches, and I’m left a disjointed living room. Sherwin-Williams’s Color Snap application would have come in really handy five or six months ago.

The Sherwin-Williams application lets you take a snapshot with your camera, select a color from the image, and store it. You now have access to that color for later references. The feature set doesn’t end there though, Color Snap lets you create a color palette. The app will recommend complementary colors that will help you begin to build a color scheme for your home renovation projects. It’s genius.

It’s a multi-purpose application

This free application can be used in a host of design settings. Home design, graphic design, staging, and a whole bunch of other settings.

Need to put together a colour palette for a web design project? This app could come in handy. You could easily take inspiration from the outside world, and apply it to your graphic design projects. Like the color of the water at the beach, and the juxtaposition of the sand? Snap a picture, and get the color information at a later date.

They also give you the ability to manipulate the colors that you’ve selected. If you find the selection didn’t do the image justice you can edit the saturation, hue, and lightness, which makes it easier to fine tune your color selections.

The Color Snap application also gives you the ability to share the information by pasting to facebook, or emailing the color palette directly to a colleague or friend. They make it really simple to get comments and opinions from others before you commit to painting your entire living room.

It’s not designed for graphic work

The application is meant to be used for selecting paint colors, so the application won’t give you access to HEX color information, they do however give you access to RGB information. So if you plan on using this for your design projects you’re covered. They also give you access to in store information such as the fancy names they apply to the color, like Bagonia. If you take the phone into your local painshop, the store clerk should be able to scan the color on the phone and get a reading from the app. You’ll be able to leave the store with the exact color you want.

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