Convert your video files with Evom

Digital media is all fine and dandy when you know how to get your files in the formats you need, but a large part of the population struggles to not only find their content, but also convert a video file so that it works on an AppleTV or an iPod. Any application that helps solve these problems is worthy of a recommendation. Evom has taken the process of video conversion and made it as simple as a drag and drop experience. Sure, you can’t tweak your codecs for the audio and video, but you can drop an entire folder into the application, select if you want the files to be iTunes, iPod, AppleTV, or HTML5 compliant, and then let the application crunch the files. Evom is even kind enough to let you upload your videos to YouTube.  Evom also takes the files that have been converted and movies them into iTunes so that you’ll be able to stream your media to an AppleTV.  It makes the process of video conversion a lot easier on users and lets them spend less time managing their content and more time watching the videos.

There’s a lot of applications out there that can do this stuff, but I’ve yet to stumble across something that does this so simply, and in such a manner that most users could figure it out quickly. Evom is quite the gem.

Evom is currently free, but they go out of their way to let you know that the application is still in Beta, so the price could change upon the final version.

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