Conducting Business While Saving Money


As economies have struggled in recent years, businesses have needed to find solutions that allow them to function while saving money has dropped. Technology can help solve this issue in a variety of different ways. From the small business startup to large, established corporations there are benefits to be enjoyed by all from employing virtual programs that allow for a variety of functions to be carried out while saving money.

Blue Jeans can help companies tackle many common tasks, including saving on travel and creating a virtual workforce. While an investment in upgraded technology means a company may have to spend more up front, the long term benefits will be numerous.

Upgrade to Save

Established companies may be running on technology that is keeping them from achieving all of their business goals. However, upgrading this technology can provide numerous benefits for small businesses and large corporations alike.

If a business is looking to upgrade their current tools, some of the various items they may want to consider purchasing include:

An upgraded server. Speed is crucial in today’s fast paced world. By upgrading their server a business can benefit from faster connections and more space, according to Another huge benefit of upgrading a server is the amount of time dealing with its issues will be cut significantly, allowing for owners and workers to focus on more pressing tasks.

VoIP technology. This type of technology includes things as simple as upgrading a business’s phone system to create a smoother flow of information and communication. Another important element of a VoIP package is having the ability to video conference.

Virtual Workforce

In recent years, technology has allowed for the creation of a growing workforce or telecommuters. From large corporations to individual freelance contractors, telecommuting benefits many in the workforce in many different ways, according to The list of benefits includes:

  • The ability to work from remote locations. Journalists are no longer the only ones who can work on location. Rather, anyone can now thanks to technology.
  • Cutting down on the carbon footprint of the workforce. Virtual commuting allows for fewer cars to be on the road. This provides ecological benefits because a smaller carbon footprint can positively impact the Earth.
  • Happier employees. Every owner wants their workers to be as happy as possible. A happy employee is likely to be more productive. Their positivity may also rub off on clients and customers who use a company’s virtual help desk when on their website.

Offices that are truly looking to save money can even create a virtual human resources process. Virtual job interviews allow a company to save money on the physical necessities of a building like lighting. They can also allow for instant simulation and testing of potential candidates saving time for both parties, according to college recruiter.

Saving on Travel

Technology can serve many benefits for businesses. One of the biggest ways that a company can benefit from the use of upgraded technology such as video collaboration is the ability to save on travel. Instead of having to dole out money for plane tickets, hotel rooms, and other business trip related expenses, businesses can now reroute that money towards other investments.

To illustrate this point, consider the idea that costs continue to arise for business travelers, according to supply management. Some of the costs that a business owner would have to consider when planning a business trip include:

  • Baggage fees. The majority of most major United States airlines now charge baggage fees that are likely to continue increasing.
  • Car rental. Once at the location, the traveler is going to use some form of transportation. If they do not want to rent a car, then the cost of taxis or other forms of public transportation need to be considered.
  • Hotel cost. Travelers will need a place to stay. If they do not have family in the area then adding in the cost of a hotel stay for as long as the trip is needed is an important cost to consider.
  • Food. Some companies may provide a stipend or reimburse their traveling worker for meals during their trip.

All of these costs along with many others can be greatly reduced or completely avoided by engaging the virtual business world. Whether a company needs to purchase their equipment for the first time or can benefit from an upgrade to something as simple as new, faster server, an immediate investment will save money in the long run.

Conducting business while saving money is becoming a necessity in today’s economic climate. Businesses of all sizes should consider the types of equipment and technological options available to them in order to compete and succeed in the twenty-first century. From video conferencing to collaborating with a remote worker, technology is quickly becoming the way to save money.

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