Collect Every Class In Tower In The Sky


Tower in the Sky is an interesting riff on the traditional RPG mechanics, one that might take a bit of getting used to.  The battles are laid out in lanes, similar to Plants vs. Zombies, and instead of the usual menu system, you have two buttons: attack and special. These charge up slowly, as the enemies come in form the right. Your characters you gather all have different attacks based on their class.

While it has an interesting take on the combat in an RPG, it doesn’t do a great job of creating a world. There really isn’t much of a story beyond some text on certain stages. So if you’re looking for your next epic, this game isn’t it. However, if you are interested in collecting a bunch of characters, this might do. The combat is likely going to be what makes or breaks your interest in this game.

What’s Good?: Interesting combat system, lots of unlockables.

What Sucks?: Combat system might alienate some RPG fans, light story.

Buy It?: If you’re into new variations on RPGs, check out Tower In The Sky. Get it on the App Store for $1.99

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