Up-Close With iSkelter’s Product Lineup At Macworld 2014

There’s no shortage of desks and stands out there for your tech gear. iSkelter, the maker of the SlatePro Desk, thinks it has some winners in its attractive, all-bamboo product lineup.


Currently on Kickstarter, the SlatePro desk is designed with your Apple gear in mind. It has built-in stands for your iPhone and iPad, as well as vents to help keep your MacBook cool while you work (or mine Dogecoins). When sitting at the desk, I found that it kept both the display iPad mini and iPhone at seemingly optimal viewing angles for viewing videos or flicking through tweets.


If you’re more accustomed to working on your MacBook from the couch, the Slate Mobile AirDesk is right up your alley. The Mobile AirDesk is basically what you’d get if you shrunk the SlatePro down and chopped off its legs. Like the SlatePro, the Mobile AirDesk has vents for airflow and a built-in stand that you can use with either a single iPad mini or iPhone.

Also, the Slate Pro and Mobile AirDesk both come with built-in a mousepad—a nice addition that power users who prefer traditional mice over trackpads will appreciate.


iSkelter doesn’t just do desks, though: The company has a pretty neat lineup of stands, including the iPhone 5 Dock, the Classic Station, and the Beauty Station. The iPhone 5 Dock is very barebones, with a front-facing dock that allows you to view and use your phone with ease. The dock also has a uniquely shaped passthrough for a Lightning adapter, making it great for a nightstand.


The Classic Station is another iPhone stand, though unlike the iPhone 5 Dock, the Classic Station has slots for pens and other random goodies. Unfortunately, the Classic Station does not have a passthrough for a Lightning adapter, but it should still make for a nice desk caddy if your phone is already charged.

Finally, if you’re looking for something for the vanity in your bedroom, you’ll fall in love with the Beauty Station. This dock has cutouts for both an iPad and an iPhone, but also has numerous areas to store makeup and other beauty or accessories. According to the company, this makes it easy to view make-up tutorials on YouTube while applying your makeup simultaneously.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.