ClickToFlash gets a new home as a Safari 5 Extension

If you’re sick and tired of Adobe Flash sucking up CPU cycles and battery life, you’ve probably heard of ClickToFlash. It’s a great way of preventing Flash from loading in Safari, but the implementation is a tad kludgey. Now that Apple has allowed sanctioned Safari Extensions, there is now a far easier way to accomplish this task.

The ClickToFlash Safari Extension is a sleek and highly functional reimplementation of ClickToFlash inside of the extension framework. It features Whitelists, QuickTime replacement for some Flash content, a resolution limiter, and a default volume slider. This offers everything that the official ClickToFlash extension offers, but in an easy-to-use package.

It should be noted that there was a previous Safari 5 port of ClickToFlash, but the developer landed a job with Apple, so development has ceased.

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Article Via Safari Extension