Clear iSpot App for iOS

I told you about the Clear iSpot earlier, and how Clear has come up with a way to allow only iOS based gadgets to use their 4G service at a reduced rate. To make it even easier to administer the iSpot device, Clear has released an iSpot iOS application.

The Clear iSpot iOS app allows an iSpot owner to administer their iSpot using their iOS device. Seems like a logical step to me. The iSpot app allows some advanced administration of the iSpot, but not all advanced features as the web-based administration.

Some of the basic features shown within the iSpot app’s ‘Home’ tab is the strength of the wireless signal, battery indication, and number of users. This is more of just a heads-up than anything else.


The Settings tab does allow you to limit the number of users, anywhere from 1 to 8 iOS devices, the iSpot Network Name, the iSpot network password, and whether to broadcast the SSID network to others. The default Network Name is ‘iSpot XXX’ where XXX is the last three characters of the MAC Address of your iSpot device.


For those who do not want everybody seeing their network, it would be prudent to change your iSpot Network name since it does show part of your MAC Address. The password, which should ALWAYS be changed from the default also shows part of your MAC address, except it is a more significant part of your iSpot MAC address. If you do not want others having any access it is recommended reduce the number of users that are allowed to connect. The last change, along with MAC Address filtering accessible through the web-based admin interface, would stop most users from connecting, even if they had your Network password.

The ‘Advanced’ Tab allows you to change some of the advanced Wi-Fi Security options. Anything from the Network Mode, Network Channel, Length of the signal, Type of Network Security, WEP or WPA customization settings (based on your type of Network Security choice), Network Password, the Administration Password and even whether to suspend or resume your Clear Service since your service is month-to-month.


If you prefer to have an easier time accessing and administrating most options on your iSpot device this is a definite app to get. It is Free and available in the App store now.

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