Civilization Revolution on the iPhone

If you like strategy games, you’ll love Civilization Revolution.

I made the mistake of asking some people on Twitter what their favourite game of the moment was, and I got back a couple of excellent recommendations. Only problem is I only have so much time to dedicate to gaming these days, and when @franksting recommended Civilization Revolution, I had no idea that it would immediately eat up two hours of my time.

It’s the type of game that has a shallow enough learning curve, but sucks you in fast. It’s the thrill of the fight, and beating down those unruly Americans to the South had its gratifying moments. The game play on the whole seemed a little clumsy at first due to the resolution of the screen, and I found myself wishing I had more screen real-estate to work with. But outside of that minor complaint, the game goes off without a hitch. I’m a harsh critic when it comes to games on my iPhone, so I wouldn’t have stuck it out if the game wasn’t rewarding, but this game’s going to be sticking around for a while, much to the chagrin of my work flow.

The nice things about this iPhone adaptation is that they’ve really scaled back the complexity and rebundled the elements of the earlier Civilization games with a nice graphical update. It’s a pleasant experience that reminded me of how much I enjoyed the original Civilization games. If we were the type of site to give ratings to things, this one would be six out of five.

If you don’t believe me, you can try out a free version.  If you’re made of gold, you can pick it up on a whim for 6.99

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