The Circuit Scribe Lets You Draw Conductive Circuits

d5a6dfebaff54e508be7e41648c56e0e_largeIf you’ve ever wanted to mess around with electronics, but the task of printing circuits or using an actual circuit board seemed a bit daunting: the Circuit Scribe is for you. The Circuit Scribe is a new pen that allows its users to draw conductive circuits using┬áspecialized ink that produces a mess-free conductive ink that doesn’t get messy or smell bad like its competitors.

Once your circuit is drawn, you can connect whatever you like to it, like batteries, LED lights, or even an Arduino board, and have fun with your circuits. For example, you can draw a simple circuit that connects a battery to an LED light without even touching a soldering iron.

As of right now, the Circuit Scribe is a funded Kickstarter project. If you’d like to preorder a pen for yourself, pledge $25. Higher pledges will include other cool stuff like basic electronic components to give you a head start.

Via: Gizmodo

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