CheatSheet: Easily The Best Free App You Can Download This Week

Traversing the App Store yesterday revealed something that I wasn’t quiet expecting, CheatSheet was at the top of the free app chart listing, and I had no idea what it was. CheatSheet is a keyboard shortcut application (it’s more of a utility) that pops up while holding the command key down. No matter what application you’re in, a keyboard shortcut cheatsheet pops up that lists all of the app’s active keyboard shortcuts.

In Final Cut? You get a listing of all the Final Cut keyboard shortcuts. In Pixelmator, Rdio, Skype, or any other app? Shortcuts popup there too. It’s completely system wide, and the popup both lets you learn the shortcuts at a quick glance and it lets you click the mouse on what shortcut you’re looking for and then executes the command in the app you’re currently using.

Personally, I prefer keeping my hands on the keyboard as much as possible. Taking my hands off the keyboard to grab a mouse, and then navigate menu items ends up being a pretty large waste of time when you add up how many times you carry that action out throughout the day. CheatSheet has been a great teaching tool, helping me learn some new keyboard shortcuts very quickly.

I highly recommend picking it up. It’s great, and free (both on the App Store, and on their site).

Quick caveat: Flash apps, Air apps, and HTML based apps tend to have really crappy keyboard shortcut integration, so don’t expect any information in apps like TweetDeck. It’s not gonna happen.

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