Change Tracks At The Blink of An Eye

So, apparently, everyone’s so lazy that they can’t even use their fingers to change the track, pause, and rewind music on their iPhone/iPods. Seriously? Seriously? Are we that pathetic? Apparently some Japanese engineers have developed a remote system that will let you control your iPods remotely, sans hands. Blink and you change a track, blink with both eyes you pause the track. Blink for a prolonged period and it starts fast forwarding.

Now, I’m all for innovation, but do I really need to feel like everywhere I go people are winking at me? I mean, I’m all for the ego boost of hot ladies giving me a wink, but I’d like to know it’s for my ridiculously good looks and not because they want to change some lame track that is at the forefront of their playlist.

Thanks, Osaka University’s Graduate School of Engineering Science, you really know how to boost me ego.

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