CES 2015: Tractive Motion Is A Fitness Tracker For Your Pet

You have a fitness tracker for yourself, but how about one for your pet?

Here at CES 2015, Tractive is showing off its latest pet wares, the Tractive 2 and the Tractive Motion. The Tractive 2 is the slimmer successor to the original Tractive, and it’s a cellular-connected GPS tracker for your cat or dog. Using the Tractive app for iOS, Android, or Google Glass(!), you can keep an eye on your pet’s location at all times. You can also add safe zones to the app: when your pet leaves the safe zone, you’ll be notified immediately. The Tractive 2 will be available soon.



On the other hand, the Tractive Motion is a fitness tracker for your pet. It works a lot like a Fitbit: Attach it to your pet’s collar and records your furry friend’s steps. Using the companion app, you can keep an eye on your pet’s activity and set fitness goals for him or her. The app also provides easily understandable statistics on your pet’s health, so you can make sure Skippy is getting enough exercise.

Tractive Motion charges via USB and syncs to your smartphone over Bluetooth. The device weighs in at only seven grams and is completely waterproof, so your pet will barely notice that it’s there.

The Tractive Motion can be purchased now f0r $100.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.