CES 2015: Never Screw Up Cookies Again With The Perfect Bake Scale And App

Pure Imagination and Brookstone (yes, that Brookstone) have come together to launch Perfect Bake at CES in Las Vegas this week. Perfect Bake is a scale and app combo that helps you cook perfectly baked goods: Simply select the recipe you’d like to bake, connect the scale to your iOS device’s headphone jack, and use the included bowls to weigh out your ingredients while Perfect Bake guides you through the entire baking process.


The included app not only tells you how much of an ingredient to use in real-time; it also tells you how long to stir, whip, and bake your batter. You can tell the Perfect Bake app exactly how much of a recipe you’d like to make (for instance, you want to make half as many cookies as the recipe calls for), and the app will automatically adjust ingredients needed. Perfect Bake includes recipes for everything from the traditional chocolate-chip cookie to gluten-free options, so you can be the star of your next bake sale. Additionally, you can add your own recipes to Perfect Bake, making preserving family traditions a breeze.


If you’re more of the bartender type, Pure Imagination has you covered with the Perfect Drink. This system is essentially the same as Perfect Bake, but for mixed drinks: The Perfect Drink app will tell you exactly how much of a liquor or juice you need in a drink, and the included scale will measure the liquids in real-time.

Perfect Bake and Perfect Drink are available now and cost $70 and $50, respectively.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.