Carry The Essentials With The Axial Mini Messenger

Full-sized messenger bags are great for the times when you need to haul groceries, a laptop, and school materials around, but what about those days where all you need is your iPad and a few other small essentials? That’s where the Axial Mini Messenger by ModernIndustry comes into play.

The Mini Messenger features a super minimal, two-pocket design with an adjustable strap. The larger of the two pockets can fit almost any tablet or an 11-inch MacBook Air, leaving the smaller pocket for carrying chargers, cables, and other must-haves. The bag is crafted out of waxed canvas, making it absolutely beautiful in its three colorways: black, navy, and ash.

You can purchase an Axial Mini Messenger here for $125.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.