CARROT: Weather Blows Your Local TV Weatherman Out Of The Water


CARROT: Weather was not one of the apps that I got included in my purchased list when I setup my Apple TV. However, I like my morning forecast with a side of abuse, and it sure beats downloading The Weather Channel.

If you missed my reviews of Carrot Weather for iOS and the Mac, this is basically Dark Sky meets GLaDOS. You get hourly forecasts with a side of the abuse that has made this whole family of apps so much fun. The interface gets a nice wide screen look for the Apple TV, with the swipes translated to the remote.

The secret locations are also here, and you can even poke CARROT in her ocular sensor with the remote. (You probably shouldn’t do that last thing, she doesn’t like it.) This is one of my favorite apps across the platforms, as it has so much personality.

What’s Good: Fun app with lot’s of personality.

What Sucks: Still just a weather app, so if the humor’s lost on your grab The Weather Channel app.

Buy It: You’ll need to head to your TV to buy Carrot for the Apple TV. It’s $3.99. If you don’t have them, grab the Mac App and iOS app, for $11.99 and $3.99 respectively.

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