Can I soon be getting my CounterStrike on natively?

Games, Games, Games is all I hear from small kids and uninformed windows users these days. We want our games, and we want them now! It’s like computer is slang for game machine. I don’t get it. For me, I seriously enjoy the separation of gaming and computing. I’ve played WoW since it first came out. I’ve played video games on my "PC" since the beginning of my computing existence, but with the power we’re seeing from PS3’s and Xbox’s these days, I’m really just as happy to sit on my couch and get away from this desk for awhile.

Well it seems like those "gamers" out there might be running out of an excuse to run Windows these days. Rumors have been floating around suggesting that Valve is porting all their Steam games to both Linux and OS X. So it looks like you can all just jump on the Apple bandwagon now, because god knows you’re chomping at the bit to adopt a new way of life, and we’re a welcoming bunch!

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