Can I scan your business card?

Lets face it, as much as vcards and iPhone contact swap apps are really cool, we still haven’t eliminated the basic business card.  The hard part with business cards is having the info on hand when you need it. This is where the WorldCard Mobile app comes in. A Business card reader/scanner app that is so simple and accurate to use, that its worth the $9.99 price tag. (If you act now until Dec.31, it’s 40% off a steal at $5.99 USD)

I tried various cards and the results were very surprising that this app could recognize the structured data and put it into the Contact fields ready for editing/correcting and saving right into Contacts on your iPhone. Phone numbers, fax numbers, URLs, emails, and company names, were all properly placed in the correct fields.


  • Recognition in 7 languages
  • Data export into any desired contact group
  • Excellent recognition quality

If you want to throw away that old Rolodex on your table or you have so many business cards you can’t see the bottom of your desk, definitely get this app. Fully worth the money to digitize the contacts in your life. Why pay $40-100 for a dedicated business card scanner when you can pay a fraction of that and have it on your “does everything” iPhone.

Consider giving this as a gift for Christmas to an iPhone user in your life to help them de-clutter their contacts.

iTunes Link: WorldCard Mobile App

Screenshots below blurred to protect the innocent.

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