Cameras lets you manage your photo imports really easily.

Keeping with applications that make your life easier, Cameras lets you assign tasks to specific Cameras upon connection to your computer. It seems a little bit pointless, but if you spend a lot of time connecting your dSLR, Point and Shoot, iPhone, and Handheld Video Camera to your machine you’ll benefit from this application (prefpane) tremendously.

All that it does it let you pick what application opens when you connect your camera to your computer. You can pick between iPhoto, Aperture, and any other application that you want to use to process your photos. Simple.

Looks like I now have iPhoto open for my crappy iPhone pics, and Aperture open for my wannabe badass pics.

Pictures is a free download, and well worth your time to set it up. Take back your time and use applications that make life easier!

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