Breaking up is hard to do–so long iPhone–hello Android.

    I have been an iPhone user since July of 2008. I have used the iPhone OS since September of 2007. Until recently, the iPhone has been my phone of choice. The things that I could accomplish with it were amazing. Well, that is until this last October when I switched over to Android.

    I’ve found that I can do so much more with my Android-based phone. It does so much more than my iPhone, and it does it faster. That said, I kept the hope alive. I left my iPhone’s AT&T account active until January 5th. I had every intention of keeping my iPhone activated, but it has gone completely unused since October. AT&T, in my neck of the woods at least, has the best coverage. Letting it go, for that reason alone, was a very difficult decision.

    You may ask “Why would you leave AT&T and your iPhone”? Well, the problem is paying $110.00 USD a month to have phone service. This isn’t 1990 when a cell phone plan cost that much for 50 minutes of talk time. This is ten years into the new millennium, and paying that kind of money for cell phone service is a bit steep. Albeit, there are substantially more features available now.

    What really made dumping AT&T difficult was talking to the rep over the phone. She was so nice, and she tried so hard to keep me as a customer. The problem kept coming down to monthly service fees. Sure, I could save a bunch of money if I went with throw-away flip phone, but I am a geek. I must have a smart phone. Sadly, I will not be returning to using an iPhone unless Apple makes some drastic changes in the iPhone OS. The lack of customization is a real deal breaker to me. Also, background processes are an absolute must. I get 26 hours of battery on my Android-based phone despite using it more than I ever used my iPhone. My iPhone with that same usage would die after about 5 hours. Apple, you are good with computers. Maybe you should go back to being a computer and MP3 player company. Leave the cell phones for the people that know what they are doing.

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