Break the Chain of Charging

What does breaking the chain mean? Well I think about banks with this phrase. You walk into a bank and they have pens at each teller window. Those pens are chained down keeping you from moving freely. A lot of people feel that way about the iPhone charging. We plug it in, and it is stuck to the wall, or our computers. Thats where the Palm Pre started looking good to a lot of people. Palm offered a way of charging with out having to plug the phone in. Well now, you can do the same with your iPhone.

WildCharge provides a great technology to wirelessly charge your iPhone or even iPod Touch. Ok, there is a wire involved, but this isn’t a wire you plug into your iPhone. All you have to do is plug in your WildCharge pad into the wall, and put your adapter skin on your iPhone and you are set to go. The skin that goes on your iPhone has the iPod connector built into it. This then runs through the skin going to 4 metal dots on the back of the case. When you set your iPhone down on the charging pad, the iPhone immediately begins to charge. It is magic! I have had the pleasure to have one of these in my possession for the past couple of weeks and using it every day to test.

My biggest complaint from the whole thing is the lack of ability to sync the iPhone with it in this case. This could be solved with either some kind of hardware update by WildCharge or by an iPhone firmware update to allow us to sync wirelessly through bluetooth. I would rather it be the firmware update myself. But besides that one draw back, this is a great device. My iPhone has never stayed more charged. I come home from work and set my phone down on the pad at my desk. If I need to use my iPhone or go some where, I don’t need to mess with unplugging any thing just to do what I need to do.

This is definitely a must have in my book and it is super affordable! You can pick up the WildCharge Bundle, which includes the Charging pad and the iPhone Skin for $79.99. After a while if the skin starts to wear out like skins do, you can replace just the skin and not have to buy a whole kit again. Well worth it in my book.

You can find out more about WildCharge at

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